What Are The Different Types Of Flat Iron


Absolutely there are few different types of flat iron wherein you will be lead through an HSI flat iron guide and gaining more knowledge when it comes to this very handy equipment of all times. In order for you to be aware of the different types of flat iron, of course, you’ll need to know these things for you to have an idea and a guide as which type of plates perhaps are you going to use, or the kind of barrel if you want to change the style of your hair. All these are an opportunity for learning the basics of a flat iron.

You must also understand that using a flat iron truly depends on the thickness of hair and the type of hair as well. This is to determine whether or not a rightful plate is best for a specific type of hair. Here are the following types of flat iron.


This is the type of flat iron has a crystalline element wherein it makes your hair cuticle very smooth and shiny as well. It helps to prevent any further damage and breakage of your hair. This is such a good investment if you are aiming for a better choice of flat irons.


This is the usual flat irons that you can see at most stores. Its purpose to ultimately make a curly hair flat on its hair because it has both seen and flatness. There is a level of control wherein you can actually set a good setting for it. This is as well definitely good for those who have thick hair.


This is only good for people who does not want to totally use a higher temperature when straightening their hairs. So in result, it uses a low-level mode to make the hair look naturally straight.

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