Top Reasons why you should not buy a plastic mustache comb

9These days, there are so many gentlemen who have chosen to grow their facial hair. This has been a common practice by men in the olden times and now it has become famous once again. Why not? It is a good way of showing the masculinity of a man.


It is very important that you choose the right tools as you decide to grow your facial hair. Such tools include creams, waxes, oils, and your mustache comb.


Definitely you can buy a mustache comb in the supermarket but definitely, you should not choose plastic. Here are the top reasons why you should not purchase a plastic mustache comb.


First, plastic mustache combs can increase the static energy or electricity on your beard. What effect does it give your precious beard? It simply causes frizz. It does not look good when your beard is frizzy because it will look dry and definitely it will be very brittle.


Second, plastic mustache combs can also increase pulling, snag, and also increase tendencies of beard tangles. This is not good because your beard can break easily. Moreover, these combs are not flexible enough to untangle tangles and knots.


Lastly, plastic mustache combs increase the probability of split ends. Yes! Even beards can have split ends and everybody knows where split ends can lead and that is to breaks of the facial hair.


Definitely, buying a plastic mustache comb is not good for your facial hair. If you have grown your beards and moustache, you would rather choose the wooden ones because they are made to perfection. They exactly do the opposite things of what plastic mustache combs can do. They can also help you have a better style on your moustache. Growing your facial hair is a big responsibility so you would rather choose the right tools for you.

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