Things You Need To Know About Herniated Disk


Herniated Disk or in other terms the hernie discale, is the term used to describe the health problem with any of the jelly or rubber cushions or what refers to be the disk between two separate and vertebrae which are stacked up together to make the spine.  Many of the patients do not even know that herniated disk exists until they are being diagnosed with this health condition or problem. However, this health problem is not a major or serious case though but it needs proper medication because the pain may worsen as time passes by.

The spinal disk or spine is described and compared to be like the donut with jelly which has a softer center covered with a more tough exterior. The spinal disk is sometimes or commonly called as the ruptured or slipped disk. The condition herniated disk happens when one of these jellies in the spinal disk are pushed out through in the tough covered exterior.

Herniated disk may cause further irritations in the neighboring spinal disks, and this can result in complications and pains, weakness or even numbness in arms or legs. However, there are a lot of people who do not experience a single symptom from herniated disk, and there are others as well that do not know that the pain they are feeling is already linked to the herniated disk because the herniated disk pain is bearable. Fortunately, most patients with herniated disk/hernie discale problems do not need surgeries to cure the pain or to address the problem.

Oral medications and treatment for herniated disk are available over-the-counter. However, doctor’s prescription is needed. But the treatment itself would not cost you too much. And it is advisable to have it checked especially when the pain is constant.

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