The change that is all around


In Super Girl season 2 episode 6 , it has shown you that the Dr. Jones, though was controlled by a parasite and was destroyed, was concern about the climate change and would want to help better the climate so that you all can live in it with no worries. This episode has shown you how important it is to take care of the environment because it has asked so little and yet you have taken from it so much. Should the earth be filled with pollution, you have yourself to blame because you had the power to change it.


It cannot be helped that change is all around just like a small seed it will turn into a big tree someday and what the tree will only ask you is to take care of it and it will give you so much then you can ever think of. The episode has shown you that if you do not take care of your environment then change will come and the change that will come might not be something you would want. So if you want to have good change coming, you have to make sure that the environment is taken care of.


Truly Super Girl season 2 episode 6 is the episode that gives awareness to its viewers that they have the power to change the horrific situation that the climate is facing. If you do not act now you might be too late to act later on. This earth, after all, is where you can currently and only live and if you allow it to be destroyed because of your selfishness, where will you go? Give chance to change and change yourself for the better because change is all around.

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