Shoulder impingement: Signs you may have it


Pain in the shoulders is one of the major problems that can affect athletes, gym-goers, and people in general. So many people experience pain in their shoulder, that it even affects their performance negatively. If you want a better quality of life, then you will want to get rid of your shoulder pain. And one of the most common causes of shoulder pain is shoulder impingement. Finding your Shoulder impingement Symptoms can help you better identify and treat your shoulder problems. So if you want to know the symptoms of shoulder impingement, then read on below.

Pain in your shoulder, which is caused by impingement, can happen when you are trying to raise your arm above your head or above shoulder height. This could happen when you are trying to reach things on high shelves. Putting your hand behind your back or head, and then experiencing pain, can also be a sign that you have shoulder impingement.

Another common sign that you have shoulder impingement is when you have any discomfort when you like on your shoulder. You should pay attention to what side you are lying on a night, and see if you experience any pain.

Any kind of pain that radiates from your shoulder to your elbow could also be a sign of shoulder impingement. This kind of pain usually lasts until you put your shoulder in a resting position.

If you have any Shoulder impingement Symptoms, then you had better go and see a physical therapist or doctor. They will teach you exercises and give you treatments to better manage your shoulder pain. Going to a medical professional can help you reduce your pain and help prevent it from getting any worse. It is best, that if you have any symptoms of shoulder impingement, to go and see a medical professional to have your problem fixed.

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