Playing Slither: Tips in Boosting


Playing Slither is so much fun especially if you know how to dominate the game and you are a good player. It also feels so good to be on the leader board and be the one that most of the players are intimidated. So how do you get on top? Simple. Utilize the cheats wisely. Here are some tips in boosting that you should always keep in mind.


  • If you are using your personal computer in playing, you can just double click it in order to boost or if you are using your mobile phone then just hold it for a little while longer. While it cannot be denied that boosting will surely take some of the control but if you tend to have increased speed compared to others then rest assured that you can easily avoid them.
  • Whenever you are in a bloodbath or you are trying to take down larger snakes, it is a very important rule not to boost because it will definitely just throw you out of the game regardless of the increased level of speed that you have gotten. If you wanted to boost, do it before you face other larger snakes.
  • Be safe in boosting because there are some times that it will lead you to death therefore you should only boost in important occurrence or if you really need it in order to make sure that you will be able to utilize it properly. It should not be an impulsive decision.


  • If you are really busy with work and playing Slither is your only way to reduce stress, then avoid stressing over little things in the game too by using iocheats that can easily lead you to success and domination while you are playing the game.

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