How to Determine Which HCG Drops to Use


You must have heard of the HCG drops as you keep looking for weight loss programs and supplements that are proven effective. It is also the reason why you are here. If you have visited, then you realize that there is more than one type of HCG and just not any of them is going to work for you. There are the homeopathic drops wherein all you need is just buy it from over the counter. There are the prescription HCG drops, wherein you need the prescription of the doctor in order to learn the proper dosage that will work for you. The latter is designed for individuals that want to lose a lot of weight. Although ultimately you will have to seek a doctor’s suggestion so that you will know which is the most effective HCG drops you should use.


Questions to Ask Yourself

The questions below will serve as a guide on whether you go for the OTC or prescription HCG drops.

  • Do you need to lose more or less than 11kg?
  • Are you willing to mix your own HCG solution or do you prefer the ready-to-go one?
  • Do you prefer the OTC or you want the HCG drops prescribed by a doctor?


These questions will serve as your guide, although if you wish to lose weight more than 11kg, it is already obvious that you need the advice of a doctor.


Are they Effective?

They are proven effective in many ways, but the common factor that HCG supplements have like any other weight loss programs and supplements is that you follow a diet plan that will make it effective in a short amount of time. The reason why most weight loss programs and food supplements were deemed ineffective is because most individuals are too hasty for the results and changed other programs or food supplements right away.


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