How Does A Lie Detector Test Work?



The term polygraph is also called as a lie detector UK test which usually records and measures with the use of attachments for blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and the skin conductivity as the subject is questioned by officials in Boston. The purpose of the device is to produce a series of results through the indices that are attached to the subject’s body and detects any deceptive answers that produce a physiologic response that can be used as a means of differentiating it to the non-deceptive results or answers.


In testing the procedure, the examiner starts the test by running through different sorts of questions that are about the either a crime or a situation. Before any of the interview and questioning session, the examiner will, of course, explain the entire process of the purpose of using a polygraph testing or a lie detector test. If you happened to be the examiner, it would be best for you to seriously emphasize to the person that it can detect lies and it is very important to answer the questions in a truthful manner.


As soon as everything is set up and ready for the test, the examiner will ask about irrelevant, relevant and diagnostic questions. You’d know if the person has truly passed the physiologic test result is larger at the time of questioning. The main use of a lie detector test UK is to reveal any emotions that have been detected purposely, and this can be a major thing if the subject happens to lie. The use of polygraphy has been criticized by most people because there was no truly an evidence that it can detect a lie. Furthermore, the use of this device his still beneficial at the facilities of studying human behavior as well.

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