Getting to Know About Carrageenan


The ingredient carrageenan is taken out from red seaweed. Carrageenan is used to thicken low fat and dairy products. This is a type of additive that can preserve the beverages that have the ability to separate like for example chocolate milk. This is also added to certain viands as a binder such as chicken meat and deli meat. This is also found in some of the processed foods that needs a preservative such as frozen pizza and other food bars. The use of carrageenan ingredient is not only naturally an additive for food but it also can be used for other sources of health promotion.


This is used as an inflammatory agent. Another factor is used for experiments to test therapies that are newly created. Although this has certain studies and research about making it as an additive for treatment, there are as well criticisms regarding the said ingredient. According to research, the consumption and the usage of carrageenan should only be up to 5% or less to maintain the stability of the food products where it is usually found. However, there has been reports that up to 25% may be found non-essential yet to the entire food chain and still the producing industry has taken an exceptional place for this type of ingredient.


There is no known cause yet as a toxic ingredient, but until there have no proven studies, it is said to be safe. Further precautionary would be advisable to take it in such a manner that requirements should be met accordingly. Keep in mind that if you are in the business marketing, selling products with carrageenan should be monitored and checked as well. Safety is the priority every time you are introducing new food products to the consumers and your clients as well.

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