3 Different Types of RC helicopters


What the RC helicopter reviews do not tell you is the fact that there are 3 main different types of RC helicopter models. These different types of RC helicopter models all have different designs, constructions, power sources, and cost. These different RC helicopter models can vary in so many different ways. From the cheaper toy varieties to the more advanced and expensive hobby grade RC helicopter models. The differences of these models can range from the number of blade rotors to the performance of the models. So here are the 3 main different types of RC helicopters that you can buy.

  1. Toy RC helicopters

The toy RC helicopters are probably the most basic kind of RC helicopter mode. These kinds of RC helicopters are best suited for young people or persons who want a more casual RC helicopter experience.

Toy RC helicopters are probably the most economical choice, and they come already constructed out of the box.

Toy RC helicopters, however, are not as agile as other RC helicopters. And they usually have non-rechargeable batteries that must be switched out after they run out.

  1. Hobby grade RC helicopters

These types of RC helicopters are a step above the toy versions of RC helicopters. Some hobby grade RC helicopter models have two rotor blades, which makes them agiler. They are also larger, meaning that they can carry a larger battery pack, perfect for longer flights. And being a hobby grade model means that these types of RC helicopters are more customizable than other types of RC helicopters.

  1. Quadrotor RC helicopters

Just like their name suggests, quadrotor models have four rotor blades. These four blades make the quadrotor RC helicopter type, extremely manoeuvrable. Quadrotor helicopters can perform tricks and can fly much faster than the average RC helicopter. Quadrotor models can also hover in a single position, something that other models cannot do.

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